Gut Bacteria to Modulate Your Weight?

An academic paper, however, it is becoming more and more apparent the our gut bacteria (microbiome) may be responsible for weight and mental health. If you’re in to reading research here it is:

Medical Cannabis legalised for Prescription

Not before time, I say! I see so many people who come to me who find relief from physical symptoms by using this. If morphine and codeine can be prescribed then why not CBD oil?  

On the Subject of Dehydration

Another wee tip when it comes to assuring you are adequately hydrated…..if you are starting to *feel* thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Top up asap!! A colon hydrotherapy treatment also helps with rehydration as the bowel absorbs fluid. So during a treatment a dehydrated body will absorb what it needs from the water used.

Dehydration leads to Constipation!

So, so, so HOT just now….keep well hydrated y’all……remember dehydration leads to constipation! Check online for pee charts and check when you pee what colour it is. If its darker than a medium-dark straw colour then top up with some water. Being well hydrated also helps combat wrinkles for the more aesthetically minded of us. 🥛

Anyone for Coffee?

Many clients ask about coffee enemas. What do we use them for? Well, the coffee that is used isn’t like supermarket coffee or something you get in the cafe. You wouldn’t use this coffee for drinking. The coffee we use is Wilson’s colonic coffee. We use raw (un-roasted) organic coffee for our coffee enemas that Continue reading »

Loving this wee article on us!

The lovely Jennifer Hyland who came to us for a colon hydrotherapy (sometimes called colon irrigation) treatment and then decided to feature us. Well done Jennifer, an engaging and informed piece. Click on link to read more. Daily Record Review

Gut Bacteria to the Rescue

Anyone who has been to me knows how much I love your good gut bacteria. Now, new resaerch further strengthens that these wonderful microbes do SO much for us. Researchers implanted bacteria from overweight people into mice and also implanted bacteria from slim people into overweight mice. The findings were published in Science. Now, they Continue reading »

Coming for Colonic hydrotherapy / irrigation?

If coming for colonic hydrotherapy/irrigation it is always a good idea to reduce fizzy drinks prior to your appointment. If particularly constipated reduce wheat products such as bread and pasta and get some crushed flaxseed (must be crushed). Put flaxseed into juice, smoothies, yoghurt etc for a few days till your treatment. It really does Continue reading »

See Seaweed! (for FREE)

Ever used Seaweed in your food/diet……interested in trying? Free (yes free!) exhibition at Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh 14th & 15th September. I will definitely be going. Seaweed is a whole food with carbs/protein/good fats and full of vitamins and minerals.

Raw Pear and Walnut crackers

2 pears, cored and puréed in food processor 2 cups walnuts, ground fine in food processor 1 cup almonds, ground fine in food processor 2 cups raw oat flour* 1 cup raw flaked oats 1 teaspoon cinnamon 2 teaspoons ground sage cracked pepper (to taste) Himalayan salt to taste. Mix all ingredients together. Place half the mixture Continue reading »