Hamburger made in a laboratory?

Anybody fancy a hamburger made in a laboratory? Oh well, at least you would know what is was sourced from!

Nutrition Advice

Our Colonic Hydrotherapist is the only ARCH registered colon therapist in Scotland who is also a BANT┬á (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutrition Therapy)┬áNutritionist. She is well qualified to give advice regarding WHAT may be contributing to your digestive health problems. Often, bloating, belching etc may be caused by more than just what is Continue reading »

Eggs – No link to Cholesterol levels

Having been brought up on a poultry farm I have always been a big egg eater as were my family. I remember the days of poor science regarding the egg/cholesterol myth and Edwina Currie’s “salmonella scare”. It’s great now to see eggs getting some good press as these are little powerhouses of nutrition. See link. Continue reading »

Get 25% off of any treatment

Leave a “like” message on our Freeindex page and get 25% off of any treatment. This offer will run till the end of July.

Annual ARCH Conference

Just returned from the Annual ARCH conference that was held this weekend in London. Great to see other therapists and learn what everyone is up to, new equipment and herbs to peruse. We now have a great stock of herbs from both Abi Francis (Master Herbalist) and Practitioner Supplies. Check the web page for herbs, Continue reading »

Great On-line Health Foods

If you have a recipe with an ingredient that is hard to find then try this website…

I just Hate the Diet Industry!!

If you have suffered the indoctrination of the mainstream diet industry, parted with ┬ú1oo’s or ┬ú1000’s of you hard earned money only to be given poor advice about low fat or no fat diets, calorie counting etc then check this site! People have lost the way to eating a healthy nutritious diet, it is Continue reading »