Coffee, Probiotic & Herbal Implants

Please note we require prior notification for coffee infusions and the probiotic implants as these take some extra time to prepare and administer.

Organic Coffee: £20

We use Robusta coffee specifically selected, blended and roasted for therapeutic use. 100% organically produced and processed, it is the only coffee many practitioners recommend.

Probiotic Implant: £30

At the end of a treatment Joyce can insert a probiotic implant to replace gut flora, this is particularly beneficial to general gut health as the beneficial bacteria have been found to have many uses including facilitating good bowel movements, digesting food.

Herbal Enema: £5

Contains a combination of herbs such as senna which stimulate the bowel to release constipated stools.

Chamomile: £5

Chamomile is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and may be introduced towards the end of the treatment to sooth the bowel lining in those who suffer from IBS that presents itself as diarrhoea.

Fennel: £5

Relieves gas, stimulates digestion, calms the nervous system.

Wild Yam: £5

Wild yam has been found to help relieve trapped wind.

IB-LE: £5

For use with IBS, spasm, hypertonic and gassy bowels.


For normal bowls to gently promote release & ease gas.


For bowels with little tone that require help to get going.


For very gassy bowels, can be mixed with some other formulas.