Price & Packages

Whilst we offer packages of treatments, we often find that for many people, one treatment can be sufficient. We also suggest that if you have never had a treatment before that you book one to begin with. Our highly experienced therapist will advise you following treatment as to whether you would benefit from any follow up treatments.

For Terms and Conditions, see here. Our responsibility to you is to provide a safe and effective treatment in safe surroundings with a qualified Nurse therapist.

One Treatment: £75.00
Couple treatment of Two: £130
(must attend together on same day)
Course of Three Treatments: £190.00 (saving of £35.00)
Course of Four Treatments: £250 (saving £50)
Course of Six Treatments: £360 (saving of £90)
Courses may be shared between two people
Herbal Implants: £5
Coffee Enema £20 (please allow extra 15 mins for this)
Probiotic Implant: £30 (please allow extra 30 mins for this)
Detox Package: £290
Consists of three colonic treatments, one nutrition consultation lasting 1 hour and one follow up consultation lasting 45 minutes). If paid individually would normally cost £330

As out therapist is a qualified nurse clients with a Healthshield policy can use their policy for treatments. Please let us know when you book in order to have your typed/headed notepaper receipt.