Your Consultation

ARCH have compiled a video (with the lovely Abi who is based in North Devon) to show clients what colonic irrigation / colonic hydrotherapy entails:

Prior to your treatment:

For a few days prior to treatment try to increase water consumption to between one and a half to two litres a day.

Increase sources of soluble fibre which help to increase bowel motility including oats, linseed (flaxseed), nuts and seeds and plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruit. Try decrease consumption of wheat fibre as what may actually cause constipation and bloating.

During Your Treatment:

You will receive a thorough consultation to ascertain how we can best help you achieve your aims.

The actual treatment time is approx. 45 minutes however, we always allow at least an hour and a half for the very first appointments as we don’t like to rush anyone (least of all ourselves!) and it gives good time for proper explanations and advice. We always carry out a rectal examination on the first visit prior to insertion of speculum (small tube) and this should be expected when having a treatment anywhere. You are always kept covered after the speculum is inserted and we provide paper gowns to preserve your dignity.

Your treatment will be explained thoroughly and time and care taken to ensure your comfort throughout. Following treatment a short visit to the bathroom helps remove any residual water and you can go about your business as usual afterward.

After your treatment:

A brief discussion will take place to discuss results, nutritional and any supplement advice and whether or not any further treatment is advised. You will always be provided with an aftercare sheet with contact details for Joyce should you wish further advice.