These have been some of the lovely comments we have received from our clients.

Jonathon Granger (Google) December 2018

Been to a few different locations for treatments and can honestly say Joyce is best in the business. Highly recommended, professional and full of knowledge.

Hazel Palmer (Google) August 2018
I’ve suffered with various health issues and been to numerous doctors but Joyce has really turned my life around, she is so knowledgeable and full of advice on living a better, healthier life. Thank you so much for all your help.

Elaine McGowan (Google) June 2018

Joyce is very professional and knowledgable and also provides additional health information to assist you with finding solutions to your symptoms. With the information provided, I was motivated to cease two medications (after discussion with my GP) I thought I would have been on for the rest of my life. I feel my health and well-being have been greatly improved. Other companies try to encourage you to book a course – not the case with Joyce. I highly recommend this service.

Laura Graham (Facebook) 11th May 2018

Colon hydrotherapy has made such a difference to my life.

D. McCusker (from Freeindex page) 29 August 2020

Have been a few times to see Joyce, what a wonderful woman and made me so welcome and explained fully about the treatment. I am actually hoping that the clinic is open as I badly need her help AGAIN. I would encourage people who are a bit nervous to go and speak with Joyce my last treatment I felt great and she really did get some amount of waste out, Joyce did more for me than me spending 3 weeks in the Southern General trying to get my bowel to move. Joyce knowledge cannot be beat so if you are nervous or embarrassed go see Joyce.

Kelly Callaghan November 2020

Had decided to do a liver cleanse protocol and this recommended colon therapy before and after each liver flush which meant having two treatments three days apart. Feel so much better and was surprised at what came out the second treatment as I honestly thought there would be nothing left after the first one. This is something I am going to keep up.


The comments below are all from our Freeindex listing.


Exceptional service! I was very nervous as I have never had any such treatment before but Joyce made me feel completely at ease and very relaxed…

Joyce informed me not only of the treatment but gave me some very helpful lifestyle / nutrition tips which have helped loads already. I’m definitely making it part of my regular ‘look after yourself’ routine. Thanks again Joyce and I’m looking forward to my next visit, (never thought I would say those words!)
Kerri-ann BrucePeaches Wax & Beauty Bar – Glasgow

28 Apr 2013
Joyce made me feel very welcome and spent a lot of time with me going over what I eat and health problems I have. She then went into detail how I should change my diet in order to help with my health issues. I found her advice very helpful and interesting. She also recommended supplements to take but never forced them on me. Follow up care was also very good. She still keeps in touch with me via email to see how I’m doing and offers help if I need it.

I would highly recommend going to see Joyce at the Bothwell Clinic for any nutritional advice or treatments. She comes across as being very passionate about her work and seems to love what she does which shows in the level of care she provided. I can’t thank her enough.
Claire McCormickClydebank

21 Apr 2013
I am a registered nurse/colonic hydrotherapist I would thoroughly recommend Bothwell Clinic. Joyce is so professional and friendly and has always put me at ease. From the very first visit I knew I would return as part of my health and wellness regime .

Thanks Joyce you are an inspiration!!! A Sampson…. Springs of Eden Wellbeing Clinic.
Alison M R SampsonHamilton

15 Feb 2011
Came home feeling very relaxed, informed and being in good hands. Joyce made me feel at ease and passed on so much knowledge without being lecturing. I would highly recommend The Bothwell Clinic, and especially Joyce for professionalism, relaxation as well as expertise.
Emma MGlasgow

10 Feb 2011
Delighted with the service I received at the Bothwell clinic. Staff were professional and approachable.
Jennifer BoyleMotherwell

30 Jan 2011
I attended the Bothwell Clinic for a Colonic. Joyce was friendly and really made me feel at ease. I learned more with Joyce than I have with various NHS Doctors/Nursed/Dietitans.

Jillian RaittCoatbridge

30 Jan 2011
An excellent service carried out by a skilled and caring professional who couldn’t do enough to help me.
Mark DaviesClydebank

3 Jan 2011
As a therapist working within this clinic I get to see both sides I guess – I think it is a truly stunning clinic, and regularly have compliments to the same idea from clients. I have had treatments from a few of the therapists there – beauty and holistically and have found them all to be good value for money – the general professionalism of the therapists whether that be in a client sense or as a practitioner has been second to none – and I am delighted to be working there.
Paula WilsonPaula Wilson – Glasgow